MagniLink Visus

article number: MLVISUS3,4, MLVISUS4,3 
MagniLink Visus

MagniLink Visus 


A smart electronic magnifier with superior camera quality.

MagniLink Visus is a smart electronic magnifying glass – you control all the functions with one hand. The monitor and the high resolution camera are of the best quality, which makes it easy to use MagniLink Visus to read price labels in shops, text on medicine bottles or menus in restaurants. With the built-in support leg, you can also read slightly larger sections of text.


Exceptional picture quality

Magnilink Visus is supplied with a newly developed screen 3.4” (AMOLED) or 4.3” (TFT). The 3 megapixel camera holds its contrast and sharpness regardless of magnification.


One-handed grip

The MagniLink Visus' innovative design combines ergonomics and user-friendliness – all of the buttons are operated with the thumb, on a One-handed grip. In this way you will not need to hold the product with two hands when you want to change function. The handle is coated with rubber so that it sits comfortable in your hand.


Comfortable reading

The folding support leg ensures that the image does not shake whilst you are reading, making it simple to get through the text. This also means you can use MagniLink Visus to read larger sections of text.
MagniLink Visus uses "liquid lens technology" which instantly changes the sharpness of the picture when adjusting its distance from the text. You have up to 14 times magnification, a choice of artificial colours and two levels of contrast. Both mains and USB chargers are included..


Features and advantages


  • Picture freeze function (images can also be stored and/or transferred)

  • Batteries can be charged via USB or electrical mains.

  • Quick-start mode – start reading immediately

  • Light can be switched off, e.g., to read the screen of a mobile phone


Technical specifications


  • 4,3" TFT or 3,4" AMOLED widescreen

  • Magnification: 1,3 x - 5,5 x (Visus 3.4), 1,5x - 14 x (Visus 4.3)

  • Weight: 198 gr (Visus 4,3), 168 gr (Visus 3,4)

  • Charging time: 4 h (Visus 4,3), 3 h (Visus 3,4) - approximately


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