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SuperNova Magnifier

article number: 046LS4 
SuperNova Magnifier

SuperNova Magnifier


Magnify and enlarge text and images on the screen.

SuperNova Magnifier is suitable for partially sighted computer users who find it straining to read the screen, whether it is text, graphics, toolbars, icons or emails. SuperNova Magnifier makes everything crystal clear and easy to read. Enlarge text and images to exactly the size you need. Enhance contrast with a colour scheme and highlights that perfectly suit you. Zoom in to see the detail and experience the best touchscreen magnification, or multi-task with magnification on two or more monitors. 

SuperNova are available either as a download, on CD or on a SuperNova USB version with a special guest mode that gives you instant magnification for any PC, and instant accessibility on the go. Guest Mode gives you access to most program features without installation. If you need more install. 

Examples of features:

  • Magnify and enlarge text and images up to 64 times. Crystal clear magnified text, even at the highest levels of magnification.
  • Huge choice of high contrast mouse pointers & text cursors.
  • The magnification automatically follows the mouse pointer as it moves, the cursor as you type, and other types of windows focus as soon as they change.
  • You can easily adjust the magnification and pan on a tablet or a touchscreen computer by using one or more fingers.
  • Good magnification methods, both for single or multiple monitors.
  • Different configuration options makes it easier for the user.

Here you can compare SuperNova editions.



Download a Free Trial version for 30 days by clicking the link 
Demo software SuperNova Magnifier