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LVI has fantastic staff in a number of different areas and tries to work across borders to achieve the best possible results together. With us, you become an important link in a larger chain. LVI is constantly evolving and right as it is, we may need additional staff. Are you eager to become one of our team of competent employees? Welcome with an registration of interest! We have employees in a number of different work areas, such as:


Research and development (engineering job) 

LVI's research and development department is located in Växjö and works to find new, smart ways to solve the needs of today and the future for people with visual impairment. There is a constant process of updating existing products, both hardware and software, so that they are constantly improving and creating new products and innovative solutions. We constantly strive to try to combine new technology with proven methods, which has proven to be very successful. The development of new products takes place in close collaboration with users of vision aids and professional staff in vision rehabilitation. The department employs both mechanical designers, electronics designers and software developers.


Picture of the research and development department, taken in one of LVI's conference rooms


LVI has good production planning and a well-developed network of contacts for purchasing materials from suppliers, which is a prerequisite for being able to produce and deliver the right products at the right time. This in combination with our own stock of components and materials for the manufacture of our products means that we have a very good delivery ability and short delivery times of our products. We have a large number of suppliers spread all over the world, from local suppliers to suppliers in the USA and Asia.



All production takes place in Växjö, Sweden and the production department consists of a total of 12 people, most of whom work as assemblers and do everything from pre-assembly of components to final assembly of complete video magnifiers and reading machines. Other tasks include final testing and support/service. At LVI, we have a well-functioning system where the production staff rotates work and changes tasks several times a week. One day maybe you build cameras, the next reading table to another day make the final assembly of an entire product. It is important that we take advantage of all our employees' skills and by rotating work, the work becomes both more fun and more flexible.


Three different pictures from LVI's production department where you see how assemblers put the products together.


Med synhjälpmedel i världsklass vill vi så klart nå ut till de personer som behöver dem. Detta gör vi med hjälp av våra säljare som med en stor samlad kompetens kring synhjälpmedel bland annat har en aktiv och god dialog med personal inom synrehabiliteringen och slutanvändare. Vi kan erbjuda en totallösning – individuellt anpassade synhjälpmedel tillsammans med skräddarsydd utbildning som skapar de bästa förutsättningarna för ett effektivt arbete – i skolan, hemmet eller arbetet. Vi säljer våra produkter i över 30 länder runt om i världen. I Sverige, Danmark, Norge, Schweiz, Tyskland, Frankrike och USA har vi egna bolag med anställda säljare som bearbetar marknaden och i övriga länder sker försäljningen via återförsäljare. I LVI-koncernen ser vi det som en styrka att ha dotterbolag med egna säljare som sköter försäljning på den lokala marknaden som de har bäst kunskap om.

With world-class vision aids, we of course want to reach the people who need them. We do this with the help of our sales people who, with a great deal of expertise in vision aids, have an active and good dialogue with staff in vision rehabilitation and end users. We can offer a total solution - individually adapted vision aids together with tailor-made training that creates the best conditions for effective work - at school, at home or at work. We sell our products in over 30 countries around the world. In Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, France and the USA, we have our own companies with employed sales people who process the market. In other countries sales take place via resellers. In the LVI group, we see it as a strength to have subsidiaries with their own sales people who handle sales in the local market that they have the best knowledge of.


Logistics and administration

The finished products are sent to subsidiaries and resellers all over the world. It is important that the right things end up in the right place at the right time. For this we have good administration for handling orders and deliveries, a structured production planning and a qualitative delivery where the products are packed with care in tailor-made packaging to withstand delivery to customers all over the world. The customers' needs look very different and thus also our deliveries, which can consist of everything from general cargo to individual users in Sweden to bulk delivery of many pallets with products to warehouses somewhere in the world.


Communication and marketing

In our marketing department, communicators work to market our products and inform about LVI. Among other things, brand issues, printed matter, websites in several different languages, newsletters, trade fair preparations and social media are handled here. As we sell our products in many different countries, we also need to market ourselves in different ways and in different languages, but our graphic profile keeps the look of our material and our communication together.

Economics and finance

Our staff in finance and economics manages our daily financial processes, ensures that the company group complies with current financial and tax legislation and works continuously to increase quality, efficiency and results when it comes to financial processes. The finance department is located at our head office in Växjö, Sweden and is, in addition to LVI in Sweden, also involved in financial management in our subsidiaries.