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Our core values ​​should serve as a guide for all employees so that it is easier to make conscious choices based on our common values. Our core values ​​are security, participation and innovation!


Picture of a parachutist as a metaphor for having the security to dare. The core value of security is written below.



  • We trust each other, say what we mean and do what we say.
  • We are allowed to make mistakes – it’s a way of developing.
  • We dare to give and receive feedback, in a constructive and respectful way.
  • Safety is being able to be yourself within the community.
  • We work long-term and take this into account when making decisions.








Picture of four hands putting together a puzzle with each piece of the puzzle, as a metaphor for participation. The core value participation is written below.



  • We work together towards united goals and each employee sees the importance of their part in the bigger picture. 
  • We strive for insight into and understanding of each other’s work.
  • We care about, listen to, respect and see each other.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to seek and share information, knowledge and experience.








Picture of a rising rocket as a metaphor that we can go as far as we like with innovation. The core value of innovation is written below.



  • We lead and drive development together with our stakeholders.
  • We are curious, committed and actively looking for improved ways of working.
  • We shape the future by being responsive, making the most of things and refining  the process.
  • LVI provides room to dream, and innovation is the fuel for the company.







The foundation on which these core values are based on is simplicity. It is the basis of our entire approach – that it is easy to deal with LVI and easy to understand and use our products, regardless of how complex they are on the inside.