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This trial software for MagniLink S / MagniLink PRO / MagniLink Vision is completely free and fully functional for 30 minutes before you have to restart the program again. Please note that the latest versions will be automatically installed if True Update is activated.


Mac user?
Please download:

MagniLink S v 2.5 Full version for Mac 
(for MacOs version 10.11 or later)
MagniLink S v 2.3 Full version for Mac                                                       



PC user?
Choose either the "Full version" for a complete software, including all available languages (note that the large file size can cause significant download time) or the "No language version" (best choice for everyone not using a text-to-speech-model).

Users with a Text-to-speech-model can complete the "No language version" with the languages in use.  



MagniLink S v Full version for PC (1,2 GB)
MagniLink S v No Language version PC (442 MB)      
MagniLink S AU English language
MagniLink S Belgium Dutch language
MagniLink S Danish language
MagniLink S Finnish language
MagniLink S French language
MagniLink S German language
MagniLink S Italian language
MagniLink S Netherland Dutch language
MagniLink S Norwegian langua
MagniLink S Polish language
MagniLink S Portuguese language
MagniLink S Russian language
MagniLink S Spanish language
MagniLink S Swedish language
MagniLink S UK English language
MagniLink S US English language

EUC End User Configuration
There is also an updated End User Configuration software
available for all MagniLink S users.  


























EUC is a configuration program that can individually modify the settings according to the user, for ex magnification (max min), guiding line (colour thickness), curtains, lighting, grey scale and artificial colours. Finding specific settings or sometimes removing functions will facilitate both for the user and the low vision therapist/trainer. Free software from LVI. You will need a USB cable (standard-A plug and standard B-plug) to transfer the EUC software to your MagniLink S. The EUC software and the cable can be ordered from LVI.



MagniLink S - updates in the latest version ( (PC)

  • Bug fix: Fixed a crash when Ipek Turkish was selected with the key 0.
  • Bug fix: Camera picture now returns when running ZoomText and the settings dialog is closed.
  • Bug fix: Some visual improvements in the settings dialog.
  • Bug fix: Alt + Enter caused full screen problems. It has been disabled.
  • Bug fix: Ctrl + C now triggers when C is pressed down.
  • Feature: Added some notifications when SuperNova is running.
  • Feature: Implemented ZoomText multiple monitor support.
  • Bug fix: Improved stability together with ZT 11.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that occurred when ZT was being closed while the MLS software was running.


MagniLink S - updates in the latest version ( (PC)

  • Feature: XML-file now supports MLS, MLV BASIC and PREMIUM
  • ​Feature: F12 opens new manuals MLS BASIC and PREMIUM
  • Feature: NUANCE OCR implemented
  • Bug Fix: Changing resolution while running ZoomText now works.
  • Bug Fix: Filter out 720 when running an old MLSTPRO.

MagniLink S - updates in the latest version ( (PC)

  • Various bugfixes:
  • Bug Fix: Automatic language detection now works for italian language.
  • Bug Fix: When pressing 0 the application now informs the user about the voice switch by reading aloud the new voice.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed and issue in the graphics initialization that will fix the problem with delay in the video.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a crash an some other issues that occured when the license is changed.
  • Bug Fix: Changing split position with supernova now works.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a crash that can occur with ZoomText
  • Bug Fix: Colors in the textview now follows artificial colors properly
  • Bug Fix: Freeze now works differently because the ML PRO crasches when attemptin to display OSD while video graph is stopped
  • Feature: F12 now opens the manual with the default PDF reader


MagniLink S - updates in the latest version ( (PC)

  • New Nuance Expressive Voices - example of voices:
    American English: Allison, Ava, Samantha, Susan, Tom
    French: Audrey, Aurelie, Thomas
    German: Anna, Markus Petra, Yannick
    Italian: Alice, Federica, Luca, Paola
    Portuguese: Catarina, Joana, Joaquim
    Russian: Katya, Milena, Yuri
    Spanish: Jorge, Marisol, Monica
    Read the complete list of languages/voices >>
  • Support for gestures zoom on touch displays.
  • Support for our new product MagniLink PRO, soon to be released!
  • Support for fast resolution changes.
  • Support for Windows 10.
  • Added support for the following languages when used with Sapi voices: Catalan, Czech, Faeroese, greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Romanian, Slovak, Turkish.
  • General improvements and bug fixes. 


MagniLink S - updates in  version (7.4.8)

Some bugfixes from v. 7.3.8 


MagniLink S - updates in version (7.3.8)

• Automatic adaptation of the "gaps" between the words - which gives longer break at slow reading speed and short break at faster reading speed. This improves the voice and creates a better audio experience for anyone listening. 
• Shortcut key to activate MagniLink S window makes it easier to reach the video magnifier. Press F8 to get started directly from a minimized state. 
• Automatic language detection. MagniLink S can now even recognize several different languages ​​in the same paper. Language and voice are changed instantly, completely automatically. 
• Possibility to choose any of the fonts installed on the users computer for displaying text in TTS mode. This allows the user to, for example, get text presented with special fonts adapted for dyslexics. 
• Improved functionality together with ZoomText 10. AiSquared has now refreshed its CCTV interface. This makes ZoomText performance less "heavy" on some computers and ZoomText now interacts better with MagniLink S. 
• Column Selector to help the user to choose which part of the paper to be read aloud, for example if the user wants to read a selected column in a newspaper. 
• Enhanced functionality for video recording. 

And last but not least 
• Select (CTRL + F4) to put text from different scans together in the OCR mode into a single document, which then can be read in its entirety. This along with "Smart Smart" makes scanning extremely fast and feature also works while text is being read out.



Looking for earlier versions? See below...


New Feature

Bug Fix


For Mac

 Version 1.3


For PC





Bug fix CCTV interface


  Optimized functions for video recording    





Bug fix CCTV interface

 Version 6.10 (ZIP-file) for PC (43 MB)



  Upgraded CCTV interface - compatibility with Dolphin SuperNova latest version.     




  • Record a video with audio                                                                                       


  • Save pictures in different formats, including popular JPEG.


  • Possibility to freeze the image


  • Possibility for mirror viewing


  • Dual monitor support



v.5.01.08 (through v.5.01.05) 


  • Fix for some cameras that had an empty registry file in the camera and therefore couldnot be upgraded.


  •  Fix to allow setting of 16 bit color quality, which previously gave a blue camera image with screen magnifier.


  •  Fix for incorrect PDF manuals from the start menu.

 Download v.5.01.08 (zip-file)



v.5.01.05 (through v.5.01.03)


  • New focus features for MLS Reader such as reading, writing and autofocus are now available.


  • The reading camera was not identified during the installation. When the magnification program and the video recording in full screen were active, no video images was showed on the screen. This problem has been rectified.


v.5.01.03 (through v.5.01.02)

  Video show on some low end computers caused that the application did not start and no error message was showed.


v.5.01.02 (through v.5.00.10)

  New ZoomText interface for Windows Vista with ZoomText version 9.14.2 or later.


v.5.00.10 (through v.5.00.03)


  • Update for the new Reader camera (LVI Handcamera v4). Feature to activate and inactivate autofocus.


  • Corrected fault which appeared for SOFT license on Windows Vista and caused that the application did not start.


v.4.5  (MagniLink S Reader, MagniLink Student, MagniLink Student Addition)

Download MagniLink S software for PC v 4.5 (ZIP-file)


Download test