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A job at LVI means interesting tasks, modern technology and exciting meetings with people! It also feels extra good that in our work as manufacturers of electronic vision aids, we constantly work to make everyday life easier for people with visual impairments and give them the opportunity for increased quality of life. We are proud of our work in developing visual aids that are both intelligent, user-friendly and also world-class.


Core values

At LVI we have a common set of values ​​where the core values ​​are our cornerstones that identify what we want to stand for today and in the future and what basic values that ​​drive us. Our core values ​​should serve as a guide for all employees to make it easier to make conscious choices based on our values. Our core values ​​are:


  • Security
  • Participation
  • Innovation


The foundation these core values are based upon is simplicity. It is the basis of our entire approach – that it is easy to deal with LVI and easy to understand and use our products, regardless of how complex they are on the inside.


If you feel that these values ​​are important to you, you will enjoy working with us!


LVI's core values ​​where security is symbolized by a parachutist, the participation of hands that lay puzzles and the innovation of a rocket that rises upwards.

Read more about our core values ​​here or by clicking on the image above.


Grow with us

We are an expansive company with the desire that both the company and you as an employee should grow and develop. As LVI both develops, produces and sells electronic vision aids, there are a lot of different roles and development opportunities for those who start working with us. The fact that we are represented in large parts of the world through subsidiaries or resellers means that there are also opportunities for those seeking challenges abroad. If you want to grow with us – get in touch!


Registration of interest

Feel free to look under Available jobs to see if we are actively looking for any staff right now. Even if we do not, we are always interested in more talented employees, so feel free to register your interest, with a personal letter and curriculum vitae. Suddenly, maybe we need you!