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Environmental policy


LVI Low Vision International has been environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001 since 1999. Our ambitions in the environmental field are, in the context of retained functionality and economic reasonableness, to be industry-leading and an example. Our environmental policy is as below.


LVI will in a conscious and committed way in cooperation with customers, suppliers and stakeholders:


  • Work constantly to seek improvements and solutions that further reduce the total environmental impact of our products and operations
  • Our environmental impact mainly consists of energy consumption from our manufactured products, therefore we aim to reduce energy consumption in every newly developed product by constantly seeking improved technologies, designs and choice of components
  • We always try to choose the transport solutions that have the lowest environmental impact through good planning, for example we choose sea transportation before air freight
  • Carbon dioxide emissions for newly developed products must be lower than the previous generation, this is achieved by comparing different component choices and manufacturing methods
  • When assessing business partners, we consider their environmental work
  • We carry out sustainability work based on selected goals in Agenda 2030


Our operations comply with internal and external requirements and applicable legislation.

Our work environment, both physical and mental, must be safe and healthy.