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Are you a student today? Then maybe you are tomorrow's employee with us at LVI. We are interested in curious, creative and committed people and are happy to help introduce students to parts of the working life. We therefore welcome students in various school projects or degree projects and see it as a kind of investment in the future.


Are you a student and interested in doing some kind of school project or degree project with us? Get in touch with our CEO Henrik at henrik.blomdahl@lvi.se and we will see if we can offer a concrete and exciting project. It is always welcome that someone outside looks at a task from their perspective and perhaps finds opportunities or solutions that we have not thought of.


We accept engineering students (software, electronics, mechanics), economics students and students in the areas of marketing & sales and logistics & warehousing.


Summer job

Every year we offer some students summer jobs in our production. If you are interested in this, send an application here to henrik.blomdahl@lvi.se.