ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

article number: 3-2150 
ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader


ZoomText is a powerful computer access solution that allows low vision computer users to see, hear and use everything on the computer screen. ZoomText Magnifier / Reader combines magnification and support for speech synthesis.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader is a fully integrated magnification and screen reading program that enlarges, enhances and reads aloud everything on your computer screen. ZoomText 2020 Magnifier/Reader includes all the features of ZoomText Magnifier, plus for example:

  • Complete Screen Reading. ZoomText automatically speaks all program controls and events as you navigate through applications; including menus, dialogs, list views and messages.
  • AppReader. With the AppReader you can read right in the target application or switch on-the-fly to the high contrast text view that's better for visual reading.
  • Typing Echo. Each key or word that you type is automatically spoken.
  • Mouse Echo. Mouse echo automatically reads text that you point to.
  • SpeakIt Tool. The SpeakIt tool allows you to read selected areas of the screen by clicking or dragging the mouse.
  • Built-in Premium Voices. All versions of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader come with premium NeoSpeech English voices that include one male voice and one female voice; Paul and Kate. International versions of Magnifier/Reader also come with a 'ZoomText Voices' DVD, providing a library of premium voices for the most commonly spoken languages and dialects from around the world.

ZoomText 2020 supports Windows 10, 8.1, or 7 with Service Pack 1 or later.

In ZoomText 2018 the USB model disappears completely and is replaced with Dongle in the same way that Jaw's has. You have the license on Dongle and no ILM code.