MagniLink AIR Uno

article number: MLAIR-UNO 
MagniLink AIR Uno

MagniLink AIR Uno – wireless reading and distance camera

MagniLink AIR Uno is a wireless camera that can be used both as a reading and distance camera. The camera is normally mounted in a suspended ceiling with 600 x 600 mm ceiling tiles, but can also be mounted in a standard ceiling. The device can be used individually or for image sharing between multiple cameras and can then be combined with the MagniLink AIR Distance camera or a MagniLink reading camera, such as MagniLink S Premium 2 or MagniLink PRO. 

Fits perfectly for example in the classroom

The ceiling-mounted MagniLink AIR Uno is an efficient aid for school students with visual impairment. The device can be use both as a distance and reading camera and the user easily controls the motorized camera to look at what is desired. In distance mode the student can see, for example, what the teacher is doing in front of the board. With the reading mode, the student can read books or explore different objects, all displayed at the desired magnification level on the screen.

Two pictures that show how a ceiling-mounted MagniLink AIR Uno in the classroom can show a picture from the camera in distance or table display mode.

Two pictures that show how a ceiling-mounted MagniLink AIR Uno in the classroom can show a picture from the camera in distance or table display mode.

Smooth wireless ceiling system

The system consists of a MagniLink software and a combined reading and distance camera that is mounted in the ceiling. One of the advantages of the camera being mounted in the ceiling is that it facilitates free sight to the object. Another advantage of the MagniLink AIR Uno is that the image from the camera is transferred wirelessly to the computer, which provides more work space on the desk, as no surface is occupied by cables. Of course, the fact that the camera is of the latest technology and provides a really sharp image also makes it easier for the user.


View multiple images simultaneously

The computer screen can be easily divided between the image taken with the ceilingmounted camera, either in distance or reading mode, and the computer image itself. More viewing options will be available if you also choose to connect the MagniLink AIR Distance camera or a MagniLink reading camera, such as a MagniLink S Premium 2, MagniLink PRO or MagniLink Vision. Then you have created a two-camera system and can view the image from both cameras at the same time. In this way, the student can watch on the computer screen what the teacher is doing in front of the board and at the same time see a picture from, for example, a school book with the reading camera.  

Two pictures that show how a student in the classroom sees two pictures on her screen, one from the distance camera and one from the reading camera that shows a picture from the textbook.

Accessories that facilitate

If the system is intended to be used by a student who does not have access to a computer, it is possible to choose a control unit with pre-installed software instead. The image is then transferred wirelessly from the ceiling-mounted camera to the control unit, which is connected to a separate monitor that shows the image from the camera.

Image in a classroom where the student has a control unit that transfers the image from the ceiling-mounted camera to a connected monitor.

To the left:

The student sees an enlarged picture from
her textbook by using a control unit which
transmits the image from the ceiling-mounted
camera to a connected monitor.


Another useful accessory is the MagniLink AIR Framegrabber (fits MagniLink AIR Uno/Duo). This wirelessly transmits the image from an external image source, such as a projector or smartboard, to the computer. Additional accessories that are available include OCR / TTS – a text-to-speech function that makes it possible to OCR-process a text and have it read aloud, as well as an external control box (hand control) to control the system if you prefer not to control the system directly from the software or computer keyboard.

Classroom picture. The student's screen split shows image from MagniLink AIR Uno and from a projector connected to MagniLink AIR Frame Grabber.

To the left:

MagniLink AIR Framegrabber 
wirelessly transmits the image from a
external image source, in this case a
projector, to the student's computer.
The student's screen split here also
shows image from MagniLink AIR Uno.


At the workplace

MagniLink AIR Uno is ideal in a school environment, but fits just as well in, for example, auditoriums or conference rooms at workplaces where people with visual impairment work.


System overview

There are several ways to combine various cameras and customize the MagniLink AIR system – read the system overview to get a better understanding of how the system is structured and how flexible it is.


Below you can download the software MagniLink PCViewer that enalbles your MagniLink Video Magnifier to operate with your PC.

If you don´t have a licensed MagniLink camera the words “Unvalid license” will be present at the screen. After a few minutes the picture will disappear. If you want to test a few more minutes you can restart the camera again.

Choose either the "Full version" for a complete software, including almost all available languages (note that the large file size can cause significant download time) or the "No language version" (best choice for everyone not using a text-to-speech-model).

Users with a Text-to-speech-model can complete the "No language version" with the languages in use, notice that then the OCR Package must be installed.  

If you use Google Chrome as a browser and have trouble downloading the software, right-click and choose "Open in new tab" or try another browser.


MagniLink PCViewer v Full version PC 

MagniLink PCViewer v No Language version PC   

MagniLink PCViewer Arabic language
MagniLink PCViewer AU English language
MagniLink PCViewer Belgian Dutch language
MagniLink PCViewer Bulgarian language
MagniLink PCViewer CA French language
MagniLink PCViewer Croatian language
MagniLink PCViewer Czech language
MagniLink PCViewer Danish language
MagniLink PCViewer Dutch language 
MagniLink PCViewer Finnish language
MagniLink PCViewer French language
MagniLink PCViewer German language
MagniLink PCViewer Greek language
MagniLink PCViewer Hebrew language
MagniLink PCViewer Hungarian language
MagniLink PCViewer Italian language
MagniLink PCViewer Mexican Spanish language
MagniLink PCViewer Norwegian language
MagniLink PCViewer Polish language
MagniLink PCViewer Portuguese language
MagniLink PCViewer Romanian language
MagniLink PCViewer Russian language
MagniLink PCViewer Slovak language
MagniLink PCViewer Spanish language
MagniLink PCViewer Swedish language
MagniLink PCViewer Turkish language
MagniLink PCViewer UK English language
MagniLink PCViewer US English language


MagniLink PCViewer OCR Package
MagniLink PCViewer WiFi (for MagniLink AIR)































MagniLink PCViewer - updates in version


  • Notepad with lots of features for drawing, marking and writing in a document. The tool is, for example, excellent for marking in texts or filling in forms or exams that then easily can be saved or forwarded.
  • Support for multiple video streams and split screen between them, such as the use of multiple simultaneous Magnilink cameras. 
  • Support for motorized cameras in the MagniLink AIR family. You can control these cameras directly from the software via icons, via the keyboard or by dragging the mouse pointer in the camera image. You can also store up to three different camera positions which for example facilitates for a student who quickly needs to switch between different camera positions.
  • Portuguese localization which means that menus and icons in the software can be displayed in Portuguese.
  • PCViewer mouse pointer replaced with standard Windows mouse pointer
  • Minor bug fixes