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MagniLink S TTS

article number: MLS-CM03, MLS-CM03-MAC (MAC OS) 
MagniLink S TTS

MagniLink S TTS


Reads text aloud - the model without limitations.

Always efficient reading!

MagniLink S TTS offers all your favorite features including Text-To-Speech. It comes with an HD camera, USB 3.0 and HDMI connectors, as well as built in control panel and OCR functionality for TTS.

Text can be read aloud increase reading speed and endurance. MagniLink S TTS reads any printed text by sentence, word or paragraph. The OCR scanned text can be saved and opened in a text editor for proofing and rewrites.

MagniLink S TTS makes reading more efficient - use with headphones or in silent mode when you do not want to disturb your environment. 

Excellent image quality and latest technology

There’s no ghosting with 60 fps. HDMI connection and HD/SD progressive high resolution for flicker-free image and sharp edges. The result is an unmatched, superior image.

Super-speed USB 3.0 connection - ten times faster and backwards compatible with USB 2.0. HDMI connection to monitor - for fast and stable connection.

Powered by the computer

The user will never worry about battery strength or misplaced battery chargers.