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MagniLink Viewer

MagniLink Viewer

MagniLink Viewer – wireless solution for iPad

MagniLink ViewerTM is an innovative software used on an iPad to display images from a MagniLink Video Magnifier system. The software controls the reading/distance camera's properties such as magnification, artificial colors and light level and gives the user the option of individual adjustments for the best experience.

Functionality of MagniLink Viewer 


  • Different color and light settings, e.g. natural and artificial colors.
  • Different degrees of magnification.
  • Take pictures.
  • Record video.
  • Mirror and rotate images.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Various guiding lines make reading easier.
  • ​Possibility to change and adapt to individual needs in the EUC tab (End User Configuration).
  • Control of the functions in different ways; either via menus, keyboard shortcuts or buttons on the video magnifiers control panel. (Also gestures)
  • Configuring your own keyboard shortcuts.
  • Select and switch between multiple views.
  • Support for motorized cameras in the MagniLink AIR family.
  • Support for multiple video streams and shared image between them, e.g. simultaneous use of multiple MagniLink cameras.
  • A notation tool with the ability to draw, enlarge and pan in the image.

Awesome note taking tool
The useful annotation tool provides the ability to draw, write, zoom and pan in the image. You can easily choose to navigate between different images and there are several different functions for inserting text, drawing and writing with a "regular" pen or highlighter pen in different colors and sizes. You can also save and open the image on which you made notes. The tool is, for example, ideal for marking texts or filling in forms or samples that can then be easily saved or forwarded..


Simultaneous image from several cameras
MagniLink Viewer can display images simultaneously from several connected MagniLink video magnifiers if desired. As a user, you can easily share the image in different ways in the software so that the camera images are displayed at the same time, e.g. image from a distance camera and a reading camera. This can be very practical for, for example, a school student in the classroom who wants to be able to see (using the distance camera) what the teacher is doing in front of the blackboard, and at the same time see (using the reading camera) an enlarged image from his textbook.

Support for motorized cameras in the MagniLink AIR family
If you use motorized cameras from our latest product family MagniLink AIR, you can control the cameras directly from the software via icons, via the keyboard or by dragging the mouse pointer in the camera image. It is also possible to save up to three different camera positions, which makes it easier for, for example, a student who needs to quickly switch between different camera positions. Then he can e.g. go from seeing the teacher at the blackboard to, in the next moment, with just one press of a button, move the camera to a saved position where it e.g. looking at the door when someone enters the classroom.

With TTS, it is possible to OCR a text and have it read out using the built-in speech synthesis. The OCR-processed text can be displayed in several different image display modes synchronized with speech. It is possible to OCR-process text from an image taken with the connected MagniLink camera, but it is also possible to drag other documents into the program to have them OCR-processed. It is possible to save what is OCRed as an audio file (.wav) and you can enlarge and navigate the OCR image. It is also possible to paste text directly into the program to have it read aloud. It is also possible to use the software independently/standalone, i.e. without a connected reading camera. Then you can have already saved text or image documents OCR-processed and the text read out by speech synthesis.

MagniLink Viewer works on Apple iPad (see below system requirements) together with MagniLink WifiCam, alternatively with a MagniWifi together with other reading cameras from LVI, please contact us if you have questions about this. System requirements for MagniLink Viewer version 2.0:

System requirements: see Software tab

Note that the iPad Pro, which came out after the iPad on the market, has a lower generation number than the regular iPad.

MagniLink Viewer is intended for use on an iPad/iPad Pro. There is similar software, although not with exactly the same functionality, for Mac, PC and Chromebook respectively.


Product sheet
User manual

If you are looking for documents in other languages, please contact us.

MagniLink Viewer enables your MagniLink Video Magnifier to operate with your iPAD and is available for download in App Store.

Download button for Apple App Store, click to download MagniLink Viewer (needs to be on an IOS device). 

Specifications for MagniLink Viewer version 2.0:

Minimum system requirements 

  • iPadOS 15.0 or later 
  • 9th generation iPad or newer 

Recommended system requirements 

  • iPadOS 16.0 or later 
  • 5th generation iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display and M1 chip (or newer) 

Please note that the iPad Pro, which came out after the iPad, has a lower generation number than the iPad.
If you're using MagniLink Viewer with MagniLink iTAB, there are additional system requirements for the iPad, see product page here

Updates in MagniLink Viewer v 2.5 (Jan 4, 2024)

  • MagniLink cameras can now be connected directly to the iPad via USB

  • One view for the built in front and back camera, where you can switch between them

  • Artificial colors is now applied to images taken.

  • App now support Split View

Updates in MagniLink Viewer v 2.1 (Oct 17, 2023)

  • Works with older MagniWiFi camera

  • Bug fixes for the Notepad tool


Product sheet
User manual

If you are looking for documents in other languages, please contact us.