ZoomText Magnifier

article number: 3-2100 
ZoomText Magnifier

ZoomText Magnifier


ZoomText is a powerful computer access solution that allows low vision computer users to see and use everything on the computer screen. ZoomText Magnifier enlarges everything on your computer screen. 

ZoomText Magnifier provides the complete set of screen magnification tools for enlarging and enhancing everything on your computer screen. ZoomText 2020 Magnifier includes among other things:

  • Flexible Magnification. ZoomText provides a full range of magnification levels up to 60x. Levels include: 1x to 8x in steps of 1, 10x to 16x in steps of 2, 20x to 36x in steps of 4, 42x, to 60x in steps of 6, and fractional powers of 1.2x, 1.4x, 1.6x, 1.8x, 2.5x, 3.5x and 4.5x.
  • Powerful Zoom Windows. ZoomText provides a wide variety of zoom window types for both single and multiple monitor configurations.
  • Zoom to 1x. The new Zoom to 1x feature lets you instantly switch between zoomed and 1x views, without having to zoom in and out one level at a time. And when you zoom out to 1x, all of the other ZoomText features are still there for you.
  • Visible Pointers and Cursors. Size and colour enhancements make it easy to see the mouse pointer.
  • Finder that helps you search, skim, navigate, and read in documents, web pages and email.
  • Geometric Smoothing smooths the edges of text (and graphics).

ZoomText 2018 supports Windows 10, 8.1, or 7 with Service Pack 1 or later.

In ZoomText 2018 the USB model disappears completely and is replaced with Dongle in the same way that Jaw's has. You have the license on Dongle and no ILM code.