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Visual aids for the home


Our product range contains various products and solutions to make everyday life in the home easier for people with visual impairments. 

Reading camera

When ordinary magnifying glasses and other optical aids are no longer good enough, the reading camera helps by enlarging and enhancing the contrast in the text to be read. This enables a visually impaired person to continue to solve crosswords and read recipes, books and newspapers, even when their vision has worsened significantly. The reading camera can also help you to see better when, for example, doing handicrafts. We have reading cameras that are more stationary and also some that can be folded up and are easy to take with you. All of our reading cameras are modular and available in the combination that suits each individual. 

Reading machine

For those who prefer to listen to a text, a reading machine is a good choice. It is small, and both easy and convenient to use. Place the text you want to listen to under the camera, press the orange button and the text is converted into speech. You can choose to listen through the inbuilt speaker or by connecting earphones. The reading machine is suitable in lots of different situations, for example if you are in the kitchen and need to listen to a recipe, sitting on the sofa and want to listen to a book or when you need to know what it says on a medicine bottle. 

Magnifying lamps

Another visual aid that can make life easier is a lamp with built-in magnification. Ideally one that can be angled in different ways to suit whatever you happen to be doing at the moment, whether it’s reading a letter or threading cotton through the eye of a needle. 


The above products are some of the aids available for people with impaired vision. There are aids for the home, work or school environment, and we are happy to help identify what is appropriate for the individual. We also offer various kinds of training adapted according to both the individual and the situation. Please feel free to contact us if you want to find out more.


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