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Adaptations for the school environment 


LVI is a supplier of complete solutions for various school environments and offers a range of visual aids, such as reading cameras and software, as well as installation and training. The aim is to provide people with visual impairments with the optimal solution that suits the particular study environment that the visually impaired person is using. 

Split function

A two-camera solution with a split function, which makes it possible to split the screen that is being used, is ideal for students in the classroom or lecture hall. The split function makes it easy to follow what is happening by the blackboard in the classroom, while at the same time you can make notes or read documents. 

Portable reading cameras

A small, convenient reading camera that is easy to carry around between different lecture halls at school and the home is the natural choice for many. You connect the reading camera to either an external monitor or to your Mac, PC or Chromebook. You can also choose a portable reading camera with an integrated monitor.


If the student has a lot of text to go through, a text-to-speech function can help. This allows the student to sit back and listen to the text instead of reading. Text-to-speech also makes it possible to read and listen to the text at the same time, which gives a real boost to learning ability. The options available with LVI’s reading cameras are almost endless. 


The above products are some of the aids available for people with impaired vision. There are aids for the home, work or school environment, and we are happy to help identify what is appropriate for the individual. We also offer various kinds of training adapted according to both the individual and the situation. Please feel free to contact us if you want to find out more.


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