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MagniLink AIR Duo

article number: MLAIR-DUO 
MagniLink AIR Duo

MagniLink AIR Duo – wireless two-camera system with a distance and a reading camera

MagniLink AIR Duo is a wireless two-camera system where one camera is used as a reading camera and the other as a distance camera. The system is normally attached to a suspended ceiling with 600 x 600 mm ceiling grids, but can also be attached to a regular ceiling.

An asset for those with visual impairment

MagniLink AIR Duo is a very flexible and adaptable two-camera system that in the best way facilitates the daily school work for students with visual impairment. The system enables split screen in several ways, which provides extra freedom and efficiency.


Always access to both cameras

This ceiling-mounted motorized two-camera system provides extraordinary flexibility. In one and the same system, you have both a separate distance camera and a separate reading camera. With assistance from the software, you can simultaneously view images from both cameras if desired.

Two pictures that show how a ceiling-mounted MagniLink AIR Duo in the classroom can show a picture from both distance and reading camera.

Maximum desk space

Since no table-mounted reading or distance camera is needed, the student gets a maximum of desk space for his or her school work. As the MagniLink AIR Duo is a wireless system, there are no extra cables to keep track of and that take up space from the work surface. Another advantage of the system is that it’s located in the ceiling and thus provides the best possible visibility. The system is perfect for students with a fixed classroom or in other rooms where the possibility of simultaneously viewing pictures from both distance and the desk surface is desired.

Two photos that show how a student in the classroom sees two pictures on her screen, one from the distance camera and one from the camera that shows a picture from the textbook.

Accessories that facilitate

If the system is intended to be used by a student who does not have access to a computer, it is possible to choose a control unit with pre-installed software instead. The image is then transferred wirelessly from the ceiling-mounted camera to the control unit, which is connected to a separate monitor that shows the image from the camera. A Control box is included, but you can also choose to control the software by a keyboard and a computer mouse.  

Image of a control unit that transfers the image from the ceiling-mounted camera to a connected monitor.

To the left:

The student sees an enlarged picture from
her textbook by using a control unit which
transmits the image from the ceiling-mounted
camera to a connected monitor.


Another useful accessory is the MagniLink AIR Frame Grabber (fits MagniLink AIR Uno/Duo, does not work with MagniLink ChromeViewer). This wirelessly transmits the image from an external image source, such as a projector or smartboard, to the computer. Additional accessories that are available include OCR / TTS – a text-to-speech function that makes it possible to OCR-process a text and have it read aloud, as well as an external control box (hand control, only works with MagniLink PCViewer) to control the system if you prefer not to control the system directly from the software or computer keyboard.

MagniLink AIR Framegrabber transfers image from the projector to the screen.

To the left:

MagniLink AIR Framegrabber wirelessly transmits
the image from an external image source, in this case a
projector, to the screen. The person with impaired vision
can see the presentation directly on their own screen and
e.g. enlarge and change the contrast in the displayed image.


At the work place

MagniLink AIR Duo also works well, just like other systems in the MagniLink AIR family, in the workplace. The system creates opportunities for increased participation for employees with visual impairment, especially at meetings and conferences.


System overview

There are several ways to combine various cameras and customize the MagniLink AIR system – read the system overview to get a better understanding of how the system is structured and how flexible it is.


Are you a Mac user?

Then you should use the software MagniLink MacViewer that enables your MagniLink Video Magnifier to operate with your Mac computer. If you want to download the software MagniLink MacViewer follow the link here (for macOS version 10.14 or later). 

For old versions of macOS you can download:

MagniLink S software v 2.5 Full version for Mac 
(for macOS versions 10.11 to 10.14)
Arrow symbolizing download
MagniLink S software v 2.3 Full version for Mac
(for macOS versions older than 10.11)                                                       
Arrow symbolizing download




Are you a PC user?

Then you should use the software MagniLink PCViewer that enables your MagniLink Video Magnifier to operate with your PC. If you want to download the software MagniLink PCViewer follow the link here