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MagniLink AIR system overview

MagniLink AIR system overview

MagniLink AIR – system overview

MagniLink AIR is a product family that consists of several different products and accessories that can be adapted and combined in a number of different ways to make everyday life easier for users with visual impairment. Below we give an overview of the system and its various parts. More in-depth information about the various products such as MagniLink AIR Uno, MagniLink AIR Duo and MagniLink AIR Distance can be found on each product page.

Adapt and combine for a functioning everyday life

The foundation of MagniLink AIR is our MagniLink software used on a computer (PC, Mac, Chromebook) or on a control unit if you don’t have access to a computer. Various types of wireless or wired cameras and other accessories that you can combine in different ways are then connected. In this way, MagniLink AIR can be adapted to each user’s unique needs. No matter how you choose to design the system, you always have access to lots of useful functions that make everyday life easier and create new opportunities.


This is how the system is structured:

System overview, how the system is structured.


1. MagniLink AIR Uno

A wireless camera that can be used both as a reading and distance camera. The camera is normally mounted in a suspended ceiling with 600 x 600 mm ceiling tiles, but can also be mounted in a standard ceiling. The device can be used individually or for image sharing between multiple cameras and can then be combined with the MagniLink AIR Distance camera or a MagniLink video magnifier, such as MagniLink S Premium 2 or MagniLink PRO.


2. MagniLink AIR Duo

A wireless dual camera system, where one camera is used as a reading camera and the other as a distance camera. The system is normally attached to a suspended ceiling with 600 x 600 mm ceiling grids, but can also be attached to a regular ceiling.


3. MagniLink AIR Distance

A wired distance camera that is available in versions with table mount, wall mount or ceiling mount. The device can be used independently, together with MagniLink AIR Uno – or a MagniLink reading camera.


4. MagniLink AIR Go

Wireless, mobile distance camera that can be moved between different locations. Use separately or in combination with a MagniLink video magnifier for image sharing.


Customize with accessories

Since each user is unique and has different needs, it’s important to be able to adapt and combine the camera system to support the user in the best way. When you create a MagniLink AIR camera system, you can therefore choose from a number of practical
accessories. And best of all, all accessories fit, whether you choose a MagniLink Uno, Duo or Distance.


5. MagniLink AIR Framegrabber

An accessory for MagniLink AIR Uno and Duo. A device that allows you to wirelessly capture the image from an external image source, such as a projector or a smartboard. Does not work with MagniLink ChromeViewer.


6. Control unit

Applied if MagniLink AIR is to be used without a computer. The image from your camera system is then displayed on a separate monitor instead. Comes with pre-installed software and a control box. Can also be controlled with keyboard and computer mouse, available as accessories.



As an option to the software, there is a text-to-speech function, TTS. This function makes it possible, among other things, to OCR-process, edit and save text – and have the OCR-processed text read aloud.


Övriga tillbehör

There are additional accessories to facilitate use, including an external control box to control the system, which can help if you find it difficult to – or if you prefer not to – control the system directly from the software or computer keyboard. The external control box only works with MagniLink PCViewer.


Flexible system

MagniLink AIR is a flexible system that makes everyday life easier for the user. The cameras are motorized and controlled from the software via the mouse pointer, keyboard or from an external control panel. By splitting the screen between the image from the distance camera and the reading camera, the user can more easily share the same information as his or her class mates, which increases both participation and independence.


Wifi repeater for increased accessibility

In almost all situations, it’s important to be able to use the cameras and simultaneously be connected to the school’s network or internet. This is not a problem as our wireless camera systems include a wifi repeater that enables wireless access to a connected network / internet even though the computer is connected wirelessly to the camera system.



Are you a Mac user?

Then you should use the software MagniLink MacViewer that enables your MagniLink Video Magnifier to operate with your Mac computer. If you want to download the software MagniLink MacViewer follow the link here (for macOS version 10.14 or later). 

For old versions of macOS you can download:

MagniLink S software v 2.5 Full version for Mac 
(for macOS versions 10.11 to 10.14)
Arrow symbolizing download
MagniLink S software v 2.3 Full version for Mac
(for macOS versions older than 10.11)                                                       
Arrow symbolizing download




Are you a PC user?

Then you should use the software MagniLink PCViewer that enables your MagniLink Video Magnifier to operate with your PC. If you want to download the software MagniLink PCViewer follow the link here