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Back to School - smart solutions for students

Back to school 

– new term, new possibilities for smart visual aids!

A new school year is approaching and we want to take the opportunity to highlight our solutions for school environments. There are lots of possibilities for students with visual impairments and we can provide optimized solutions for any particular study environment and every student, thanks to our wide range of highly customizable video magnifiers. Below we present a selection of our solutions. 


All New! MagniLink WifiCam – wireless solution for iPad

Two pictures where one shows the ceiling mounted MagniLink AIR Uno in the classroom and the other shows the MagniLink AIR Duo in the classroom.

MagniLink WifiCam is an all-in-one solution that wirelessly connects directly to an iPad. This convenient solution offers high quality and mobility standards, combined with outstanding image quality, modern technology and smart features. More information coming soon!


MagniLink AIR – perfect in the class rooms

Two pictures where one shows the ceiling mounted MagniLink AIR Uno in the classroom and the other shows the MagniLink AIR Duo in the classroom.

MagniLink AIR Uno is a wireless, motorized, ceiling-mounted camera that can be used both as a reading and distance camera and is an effective tool for, for example, students with impaired vision. The motorized camera can easily be operated to view whatever the student wish to see. With the distance mode, for example, the camera can show what the teacher is doing in front of the blackboard, and in reading mode, it can zoom in on a school book or explore different objects on the desk. For those who want a separate distance and reading camera, MagniLink AIR Duo is available, which consists of two cameras.


Read more about the MagniLink AIR family here!


MagniLink TAB – ideal for all environments

Two images, where one image shows a student looking at the MagniLink TAB screen where an enlarged text is displayed. The second image shows the student in the classroom using the MagniLink TAB distance camera.

MagniLink TAB is a portable video magnifier system based on a tablet (Microsoft Surface Pro), that gives access to everything you can think of - reading, distance viewing, OCR processing with text to speech function and all common computer applications.


Watch the video about MagniLink TAB (in English)
Learn more about MagniLink TAB


MagniLink S Premium 2 – perfect for anyone who already has a computer

Two pictures, where one picture shows two girls sitting on the desks in the classroom and working. One student uses a computer and MagniLink S Premium 2. The second picture shows how a student uses the distance camera to see what the teacher is writing on the board.

MagniLink S Premium 2 is extremely flexible: Choose to connect to Windows PC, Mac OS and Chrome OS - or directly to a display. MagniLink S Premium 2 makes it easy to work online and interact with classmates and teachers.


This solution is as easy to use for reading up close as it is for distance viewing, thanks to the flip-out lens. MagniLink S Premium 2 is easy to fold and move and just as easy to set up again. On top of that, there are several smart accessories, including OCR/Text-to-Speech functionality and various docking stations that turn the system into a more stationary reading camera when the need arises.


Watch the video om MagniLink S Premium 2 (in English)
Read more about MagniLink S Premium 2


MagniLink ZIP Premium – superior solution also for the youngest students

Two images, one showing a visually impaired boy using the distance camera on a MagniLink Zip in the classroom. The second picture shows three students and how the boy sees maps magnified on his Zip screen.

  • Folding reading camera with 13" or 17" screen with excellent image quality.
  • With or without reading table.
  • For maximum flexibility, there is also a dockable reading table.
  • Flexible screen setting for adaptation even to small children.
  • Built-in distance camera.
  • Battery is available as an option to facilitate movement and use in different locations.


Learn more about the various versions of MagniLink Zip Premium


MagniLink Pro – excellent also in School environment

Image showing a female student using a computer and MagniLink Pro to see what the teacher is writing on the blackboard in the classroom.

For students in need of a fixed workplace, in addition to MagniLink AIR, we also want to highlight MagniLink Pro, which can be supplemented with the distance camera MagniLink AIR Distance. This makes it possible to split and share the image on the screen between reading camera, distance camera and computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook). Perfect in both school and work environments!

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