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Our Text To Speech units – now even better!

Now we have updated our two products with built-in Text To Speech function – MagniLink Vision TTS and MagniLink Voice 2. The already fast machines now work three times faster – with the same precision and accuracy as before!

Several other features have been improved and added to simplify everyday life for those who use these two devices, such as:

Navigation with computer mouse. You can now take a picture with the mouse pointer and then mark in the picture which part you want OCR-processed and read. You can then navigate the computer mouse up, down, and sideways in the captured picture as well as zoom in and out.

Updated menu system. After feedback from users and staff in visual rehabilitation, the menu system has been updated so that the units are now even more user-friendly.

Individual profiles. It is now easier to switch between simple and advanced profiles. You can save two different profiles, which can be exported and imported if you want to use them on another unit.

Save OCR-processed text in different formats. It is now possible to save OCR-processed text as audio file (.wav), as a PDF or as DocX format. 

Add and cancel. Easily add additional text to an OCR treatment by holding down the orange "Take Picture" button for a while, and the device indicates that the image is added. You can easily cancel OCR processing with a quick tap on the orange "Take Picture" button.

New voices and languages. The voices are updated to Vocalizer Expressive and it is now possible to OCR process and listen even to Arabic text.

In order to further facilitate for the users, the user manuals are updated with simple quick manuals, containing explanatory images and shorter texts, showing the different profiles and how the control box is used. 

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