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Fantastic response at CSUN

Fantastic response at CSUN!

-Wow, the 2-way camera is great!
-This is by far the best image quality!
-I love the design and simple panel!

These were some of the comments we heard as we showed the new MagniLink Zip at the recent CSUN conference in San Diego.

Our new MagniLink Zip is smaller, lighter and easier to fold. We offer two screen sizes 13,3" and 17,3", with or without battery and/or reading table. With the new Full-HD camera, we have improved our already great image quality The new MagniLink Zip comes with a camera that also works as a distance camera, which can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. There is room for a built-in battery too.. It's simply an amazing combination of easy-to-use technology in a modern, portable magnification system.

We also had a great response on our portable third generation MagniLink Student both connected with PC and MAC with dockingstation. With its portable and durable design it was highly appreciated at the show.

The new MagniLink Zip is the result of all our combined experience and knowledge during our 35 years in the industry. It is a product that reflects our core values. It places itself at the absolute forefront of modern technology, image quality, ease of use, design and quality. This once again shows that LVI is able to maintain its position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in its field.