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Great deal on MagniLink iMax - up to 50% off. Buy now!

We are now offering two special campaigns! Don´t miss the chance to get our magnification software MagniLink iMax for Mac with a lot of smart and unique features for low vision users such as:

  • Several different magnification methods as complete picture / lens / circle / split screen and dual screen support, contour enhancement, customized mouse settings, colors, etc. 
  • Freely selectable high-quality voices for reading from well known Acapela with Infovox iVox. 
  • Voice feedback from mouse pointer and text cursor (mouse echo, character echo). 
  • "Ghost Reader", a document reader which facilitates reading and offer alternative formats, as Mp3 so you can listen to the text in an iPod/iPad. 
  • Full compatibility with MagniLink video magnifiers.

Campaign MagniLink iMax + MagniLink S

Buy MagniLink S video magnifier (MLSTA-F or MLSTPRO-F) and MagniLink iMax is offered with 50% off the cost.


Campaign MagniLink iMax

Buy MagniLink iMax with 25% discount.


The deals are offered until 30 april.


A demo version of the latest MagniLink iMax is available for download on our support page>>

Read more about MagniLink iMax >>