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LVI presents ML X Reader HD


LVI has developed a new video magnifier with crystal clear picture and high contrast - MagniLink X Reader HD (high definition). Already at a magnification level of 1.5 x, the Magnilink X Reader HD will produce a sharp image with bright colours and a high level of contrast. You can now read, look at pictures, write and do fine handicrafts with more detail. 

High definition Standard

MagniLink X Reader HD comes with an integrated 19” widescreen which provides great overview and together with a High Definition camera this product becomes the ultimate reading system. 

MagniLink X Reader HD is a functional, stable and modern reading system. A generous space under the screen makes it easy to do work with your hands, such as mechanical work, paint or maybe fill out crosswords. The total height of the system is low, which gives very good ergonomics. The monitor is also tilted 10 degrees for a comfortable viewing direction and is height adjustable for individual adaptation.

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