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LVI´s new product helps you read - on the go!


MagniLink Go! is a new product from LVI Low Vision International that gives immediate access to any printed material. At the airport to receive gate information, in a restaurant to choose from a menu or maybe to access the information in the daily mail. It is software for your cell phone, allowing you to read whatever you want, wherever you might be. 

MagniLink Go! can be compared to a combined reading machine or a digital magnifying glass. However, the real advantage is the portability and no need of extra equipment. MagniLink Go! uses the cell phone´s camera to capture a picture, and the OCR processing only takes a few seconds. The speech function will start automatically and users can listen to the content of the document aloud in a high quality voice. 

MagniLink Go! also offer a live camera function. This allows users who are able to see the screen, to locate what information and select information before the OCR-process begins. The user can then choose either to enlarge the content, or read it with a speech output. 

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