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MagniLink ChromeViewer 4.0 – new even sharper version!


To make everyday life easier for those of you using a Chromebook with a MagniLink video magnifier, we are now launching the new version 4.0 of the MagniLink ChromeViewer software. In summary the new version means that our Chrombook users have access to more and better features and have the opportunity to make individual adjustments for the best possible experience. Among other things version 4.0 contains a very useful notepad and as an option there is an upgraded OCR / TTS function with extended functionality.


Picture of the notepad in ChromeViewer where you have selected text with a yellow highlighter and filled in text in the document.


New features in MagniLink ChromeViewer 4.0


  • Updated Graphical User Interface with a new, modern design.  


  • All camera features controllable from the computer keyboard and from software menus. This solves the issue with certain camera controls not beeing available from the computer keyboard/software in MagniLink ChromeViewer version 3.0.


  • Notepad  
    - Draw and write notes.  
    - Save as image or pdf. 
    - Save in the application or export to the hard disk or cloud. 


  • Optional, new improved OCR/TTS function (please note that there is no free of charge OCR / TTS in MagniLink ChromeViewer 4.0)
    - Play/pause.   
    - Letter by letter, word by word or sentence navigation.     
    - Several different picture view modes such as image, image and word, image and line, word, line, text.           
    - Save in the application or export to the hard disk or cloud. 


Product compability for MagniLink ChromeViewer version 4.0


  • MagniLink S units manufactured from November 1st 2021.
  • MagniLink Pro units manufactured from November 1st 2021.
  • MagniLink Vision Premium units manufactured from January 1st 2022.
  • MagniLink Zip units manufactured from January 1st 2022. 
    - Please note that your MagniLink Zip also needs to be equipped with the optional USB/HDMI connection to be compatible with computer connection.


Units manufactured prior to the above dates can be used with version 4.0 after purchasing an upgrade (factory firmware upgrade of the hardware).


Learn more about MagniLink ChromeViewer 4.0. On the product page under the tab "Software", you will find links to the Chrome Web Store where you can download the latest version.