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MagniLink MacViewer 3.2 – now even better!

Image of parts of a screen that have MagniLink MacViewer running.


Our MagniLink MacViewer software is used to display the image from a MagniLink video magnifier on a Mac computer. The software controls the vide magnifier’s features, such as magnification, colours and brightness. There are a number of different functions that facilitate individual adjustments for the best possible user experience. The new version MagniLink MacViewer 3.2 has a few new, very smart features that we present below:

Support for new macOS Monterey

The new version of MagniLink MacViewer is compatible with macOS Monterey, the latest release of Apple's operating system for Mac computers.

View multiple images simultaneously

A new, very useful feature is that MagniLink MacViewer can display image simultaneously from multiple connected MagniLink camera systems if desired. As a user, you can easily split the image in different ways in the software so that the camera images are displayed simultaneously on the screen, e.g. image from a distance camera and a reading camera. For example this can be very practical for a student in the classroom who wants to be able to see (using the distance camera) what the teacher is doing in front of the board, and at the same time see (using the reading camera) an enlarged image from the school book.


Two pictures showing a student in the classroom using MagniLink software to display a picture from a distance and close-up camera on the screen at the same time.

Save camera position and switch image quickly

If you use motorized cameras from our latest product family MagniLink AIR, you can control the cameras directly from the software via icons, via the keyboard or by dragging the mouse pointer in the camera image. You can also save up to three different camera positions which for example facilitates for a student who quickly needs to switch between different camera positions. Then the student can e.g. easily go, with just a push of at button, from seeing the teacher at the board to another saved camera position e.g. looking at the door when someone enters the classroom.

Optional OCR/TTS-function

Even if it´s not a novelty, we also want to emphasize the optional OCR/TTS function. The TTS option makes it possible to OCR process text and have it read aloud using the integrated speech synthesis. The OCR processed text can be displayed in several different picture view modes synchronized with the speech. It´s possible to OCR process text from a picture taken with the connected MagniLink camera, and to enlarge and navigate in the OCR picture. It´s also possible to import other documents or paste texts straight into the application to have them OCR processed and read aloud.


Two images showing a screen with different image display modes for OCR-processed text.

Free update for existing users

MagniLink MacViewer version 3.2 is a free update for those who already use MagniLink MacViewer and can be downloaded from our website. If you use one of our older MagniLink software for Mac (MagniLink S Software), you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version of MagniLink MacViewer.


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