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MagniLink S software - now even smarter!



MagniLink S - updates in the latest version (7.3.8)



• Automatic adaptation of the "gaps" between the words - which gives longer breaks at slow reading speed and shorter breaks at faster reading speed. This improves the voice quality and creates a better audio experience. 

• Shortcut key to activate MagniLink S window makes it easier to reach the video magnifier. Press F8 to get started directly from a minimized state. 

• Automatic language detection. MagniLink S can now even recognize several different languages ​​in the same paper. Language and voice are changed instantly, completely automatically. 

• Possibility to choose any of the fonts installed on the users computer for displaying text in TTS mode. This allows the user to; for example, get text presented with special fonts adapted for dyslexics. 

• Improved functionality together with ZoomText 10. AiSquared has now refreshed its CCTV interface. This makes ZoomText performance smoother in some computers and better interaction with MagniLink S. 

• Column Selector to help the user to choose which part of the paper to be read aloud, for example if the user wants to read a selected column in a newspaper (same function as in MagniLink Vision TTS).

• Enhanced functionality for video recording. 

And last but not least 

• Select CTRL + F4 to put text from different scans together in the OCR mode into a single document, which then can be read in its entirety. This along with "Smart Smart" makes scanning extremely fast and feature also works while text is being read out.

Existing MagniLink S users are now offered version 7.3.8 through True Update (if they have enabled automatic updates).

You will now also be able to download MagniLink S SW without all languages, ideally for users without OCR/TTS, since this is a considerably smaller file to download. 

Download MagniLink S version 7.3.8 >>