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MagniLink TAB – now even better!

We are now launching an updated software for MagniLink TAB – the small and versatile video magnifier with the best of possibilities.

MagniLink TAB is a portable system based on the tablet Microsoft Surface Pro. It is a complete solution with high performance and user-friendly operation. Its space saving design makes it ideal for use in different locations – perfect for people on the go!
In close collaboration with our customers and end users, we have now improved the software and added some really smart features that will improve everyday life for the user even more. For example, we have added a completely new note function and a function for image rotation to make it possible to rotate and place the external camera in more or less any way you want.


Some of the new features:

  • You can open captured images and video recordings directly from the software.
  • You can switch between the different cameras during video recording without interrupting the recording. Thus you can record with the external camera and at the same time use the internal camera for reading. 
  • It is possible to set the frequency of the cameras to 50Hz to avoid flicker on the screen from fluorescent lamps.
  • You can now open .pdf documents for OCR processing.
  • You can turn off and turn on column mode for OCR.
  • You can save your images, video recordings and OCR-processed documents directly to your desktop.
  • You can now move around in the text in several different ways even in the OCR mode, for example with your fingers on the touch screen.
  • You can use gestures to enlarge and reduce the size of the menus on the settings page.
  • You can choose your own colour and transparency level of the menu buttons, which now also are larger.
  • You can rotate the camera image, which, for example, allows you to turn the external camera to the left side of the screen. You can also rotate the camera arm so that the camera is positioned between you and the screen, which can make it easier if you have a small workplace.
  • There is a completely new note function which allows you to open or take a picture and make notes, mark, draw, OCR process and make changes to the images in several other ways. Ideal, for example, to fill in forms, take exams, etc.
  • There is support for Windows built-in screen reader, Narrator, so you can get the functions in the menu read aloud.
  • Now there is support for Surface Pen, that you use on the touch screen instead of your fingers.

If you order a MagniLink TAB after July 1, it will automatically be delivered with the new software installed. If you have a MagniLink TAB from before that date and want to update with the new software, this is free of charge. Contact our support at support@lvi.se and we will help you with a new license. 

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