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MagniLink TAB software update

The new version of the TAB software will be released on January 10, 2022. This is an automatic update for those connected to the Internet.

Two photos of the MagniLink TAB, showing the software on the screen

The update includes new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

  • Feature to toggle directly to the Notepad has been implemented (Two fingers to toggle between camera/Notepad)
  • A freeze function has been implemented. Can be controlled from the menu, keyboard and gestures.
  • Improved support for Windows Narrator.
  • The function ”Read commands” has been improved
  • Default color scheme has been changed to black and white (Color scheme can be changed in Settings)
  • The highest rate for Text to Speech has been increased to 250
  • Changed icons for ”Save document” and ”Open document”
  • The button ”Back” will always take you back to ”Live camera”
  • The Notepad is updated with:
    • Improved support for Windows Narrator
    • PDF documents can now be opened
    • Possible to change size of buttons and side panel
    • Button to create an empty picture
    • Button to remove the current picture
    • Buttons to add text and change font are merged into one
    • Three different text fonts to choose between
    • PDF is now the default format for saving
  • Bug when running ZoomText or SuperNova has been fixed
  • Bug when using mouse pointer on the zoom buttons has been fixed

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