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New exciting features for MagniLink Go!


LVI Low Vision International is now releasing version 1.1 of MagniLink Go! The update has several new features that make the use easier. Among other things, MagniLink Go! now has an integrated standby function for energy saving, a screen reader mode and new compatible phones.


MagniLink Go! gives immediate access to any printed material, and simply press a single button to begin the text processing. After the launch last spring, MagniLink Go! has been updated with many new features, and if you already have a license you can download a free update. Several of the new features comes from our users, as suggestions for improvement. One of them is that the license is now tied to the SIM card instead of the phone, and another that you are able to use a standby mode to save the phone's battery.


Additional new features allow you to share text and images via Bluetooth, the possibility to turn off the voices for MagniLink Go! and instead use the voices from Talks or Mobile Speak in the Screen reader mode, and a more efficient navigation of the text in the Still image view (shortcut keys to pan between left or right of the image in order to facilitate reading). MagniLink, Go! is also compatible with Nokia E72.


To the delight of all our foreign distributors, and for the local people who want to supplement with additional language version 1.1 is also localized to Italian and Polish.


The update will be free of charge and customers who have downloaded the earlier version can update their license by re-installing the software. Contact support at LVI if you have any questions about this or want to learn more! 


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