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New MagniLink Zip 17"

MagniLink Zip 17 is a true, portable video magnifier with a HD or Full HD reading and distance camera. It comes with a low-vision adapted 17.3” monitor and a stable X/Y table for comfortable reading and precise control. It has all the functions offered in a desktop video magnifier, but can be folded and carried to another location easily.


The best image quality ever
Full HD camera and screen along with multiple optical light and software techniques result in the most amazing picture ever in a video magnifier.



Simplified controls
The new, simplified control panel with both turning knobs and buttons make MagniLink Zip extremely easy to maneuver, including Hot Keys for changing from Basic to Full-function mode.


Foldable & portable - yet a true video magnifier

Unlike many other foldable video magnifiers, this is a true video magnifier that retains all the superior benefits of such.


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