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New product with HD! MagniLink Student Professional


Video magnifiers with HD technology gives a picture with higher resolution than traditional video magnifiers. The result is smoother character edges, excellent colour rendition and a flickerfree image, regardless of the magnification. LVI is pleased to present the popular MagniLink Student Addition with HD technology by the name MagniLink Student Professional.


- Product development has always been the focus here at LVI and it is important for us to integrate new technology in our products. HD technology with its fantastic picture quality is very popular in modern households and it was therefore obvious to us to use HD when developing our cameras. Our goal is to simplify the daily life for people with vision impairment, and with HD technology we can now offer the best of the best, says Henrik Blomdahl, CEO of product developement at LVI.


The HD technology makes it easier to read daily newspapers; the technique makes the picture chrystal clear regardless of the magnification. The clear picture in low magnification that starts already at 1.5 times helps people with vision impairment see as much text on the screen as possible. For example, it is now possible to see the width of an A4 on the screen. The sharp picture in low magnification especially helps people with RP to increase the speed of reading. The clear overview is also useful to locate what needs to be further magnified, for instance, when looking at a map.

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