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New version of MagniLink iMax


MagniLink iMax version 1.1 for Mac

MagniLink iMax gives the Mac user a complete and unique low vision solution! iMax provides superior magnification with improved smoothing so every word, picture and website looks great. With enhanced pointer settings and improved screen reading, iMax is the perfect solution for low vision Mac users. 

Now with more screen options than ever before, iMax gives you the tools to be more productive with full and split screen modes, dual screen support, multiple high contrast modes and the ability to change the size and colour of the cursor. iMax's circular and square lens-zoom provides viewing options that best suites the user in any given screen image. iMax also includes a document reader and the ability to save text as MP3 files. When you tab through items on a web page, desktop or document the magnified view follows the user focus.

iMax is fully compatible with our Magnilink Student.

Download a trial version of MagniLink iMax 1.1