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No negative effect regarding our deliverability

Dear customer

Of course LVI, as everyone else, is affected by the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus. The conditions in society, for businesses and for individual people changes from day to day.

Our production and our shipments run as usual
Being a Swedish manufacturer LVI has a large stock in house of all components and other material used in the production of our products. At this point we see no effect from the Coronavirus regarding the deliverability of our products. As the situation looks right now we have done simulations and estimate that we can produce and deliver all our product models for the next two months, even if we would face disturbances in future material supply.

We can not know for sure how a protracted or aggravated situation regarding the Coronavirus would affect our production, but today there is no indication of disturbances in our production even if we look a little further ahead.

All functions manned and operational but reduced working hours
Unfortunately we experience that the close down of many countries and recomendations about isolation is affecting our order intake. From the 1st of April we will therefore work with a reduced workforce at the headquarters. Our opening hours will be Monday to Thursday 08:30-16:00, Fridays closed. During these hours we will work in shifts and all functions in the company will be manned and operational. Each individual employee will however not be available all hours.

Continuous work to secure that everything is working in the best possible way
Of course we are monitoring the situation carefully and take all relevant measures to secure our supply of material, our delivery capacity and our customer service in parallell with the well-being of our company, our employees and our customers.

We will continously update this information on our website and through our newsletter.

Take care!