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One step ahead, with the new MagniLink Vision!


With the user in mind LVI Low Vision International has created a modular system which allows you to customize and choose your own model. It is time to encounter a new world of video magnifiers, and to introduce MagniLink Vision, a video magnifier where the possibilities are endless. 

in design.

With soft edges and a combination of light and dark grey colours, MagniLink Vision can, at first sight, blend in or stand out. 

in quality. 

MagniLink Vision offers better resolution, brighter colours and image sharpness that is one step ahead. Our cameras with High Resolution and High Definition are beyond any standard solutions, but they are the standard for MagniLink Vision. 

for users.

Adjust the height, select the colour and magnification level and enjoy the smooth reading table. For an ideal reading position, the reading table has a rounded front edge that is comfortable to rest your hands on. To step ahead even further regarding ergonomics, MagniLink Vision has a low weight.

Choose your model.

MagniLink Vision is a modular system with the same structure, reading table and electronics. Then choose your model by 3 simple steps. First, choose what camera to use. Second, choose your preferred screen size and then the last step, choose which panel and features you would like to use in your MagniLink Vision. MagniLink Vision will be available in Europe in the beginning of November and in North America January 2011.