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Product launch - MagniLink PRO


MagniLink PRO - for work

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new MagniLink PRO
intended for visually impaired professionals at work. 

MagniLink PRO features:

•    Superior FHD 1080p reading/distance/mirror camera
•    Market leading working height - file folders will fit below the camera
•    Ergonomic control box with programmable buttons
•    Software for PC/Mac - including software split functionality
•    Portability- it’s easy to fold and unfold and comes with a carrying bag


MagniLink PRO can be individually adapted with the following options:

•   (A) Dockable X/Y-table with friction brakes X/Y
•   (B) Pre-installed battery for increased flexibility
•   (C) TTS Software PC - scan a full A4 page in seconds
•   (D) TTS Software Mac - scan a full A4 page in seconds


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