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Product News; MagniLink ZIP DUO

Our popular MagniLink ZIP now comes in a second model, MagniLink ZIP DUO. The modern and stylish design makes it attractive in all environments and it is easy to fold and carry. MagniLink ZIP DUO has both a reading and distance camera. This is an excellent solution when the computer connection is not necessary, for example, when used in school and working environment. Look at the board at school with the help of the distance camera, switch then to the reading camera when you want to magnify and read the text in your books.  [Image of MagniLink ZIP DUO] Just by performing a few simple steps, without any tools, the MagniLink Zip DUO collapses into a portable unit for your convenience. It weighs only 9 kg and with the handy carrying case it is very easy to carry the unit everywhere you go. With the help of a footswitch you can easily change between the reading- and distance camera. The MagniLink ZIP DUO can therefore be used for a broad variety of tasks. The distance camera is mounted on top of the unit and is controlled with a small handle. More information abut MagniLink ZIP DUO »