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Quick deliveries with own production and own warehouse

Being a Swedish manufacturer, LVI has large volumes of components and materials in stock in our own warehouse for the manufacture of our products. We therefore have a very good delivery ability and short delivery times of our products, despite the ongoing pandemic.


Three pictures from LVI production department where you see people assemble the products.


Own production with quality in focus

LVI develops, produces and sells world class vision aids. All development and production takes place in Växjö, Sweden. We see it as a great advantage to have the entire chain within the company, from product development to finished product as well as sales and service. This has proven valuable many times over the years, and especially now during the pandemic it has ensured that we have always been able to deliver to our customers.


During the past year, a major project has been carried out within the production department where we have analyzed and optimized work processes, material flows and production methods. All to meet customers' needs and purchasing patterns where there are great demands on handling short delivery times of a large number of product versions.


Products from LVI should always maintain the highest class in terms of function, durability and user-friendliness. When assembling products, testing is an obvious and natural part for the individual employee. As part of our quality system, all products are then tested and fine tuned even more closely at the final test station, where all functions are reviewed. The finished products are then packed with great care in customized packaging to withstand delivery to customers all over the world.


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