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Sight City Digital May 18-20

It's once again time for SightCity, usually the world's largest trade fair for low vision aids. The fair is usually held in Frankfurt, Germany, where manufacturers from all over the world present a variety of products to the visitors. Even this year, however, the fair will be arranged in digital form, which means that it will also be available to an even larger audience.


LVI, just like other participating suppliers in this year's digital fair, has a presentation page of our company and our products. We will also host a live webinar of our products for a 60-minute session found here (Enter code 578308), the 18:th of May at 10.30 a.m. For more information, or to visit the onlinefair, please visit sightcity.net.


Bannerannons för Sight City Digital 18-20 maj 2022