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Slim Video magnifier takes less place at home - MagniLink S Monitor

Connect MagniLink S directly to your monitor

By connecting MagniLink S directly to your monitor, you will get a brilliant Video Magnifier that delivers a perfect, chrystal clear image as well as a number of options for magnifying and adjusting the image according to your preferences. Thus, by choosing a monitor from LVI, you will get a monitor that is exclusively designed for low vision users, offering high contrast, high resolution, light edges for maximum contrast and more. Naturally, it will also match the design of the MagniLink S.

With a MagniLink S in your home, you can:
# Read books and documents
# Look at photos and postcards
# Read labels on packaging and medicine bottles
# Read invoices, letters and envelopes
# Solve crossword puzzles and perform hand work
# Write letters and postcards
# Use the mirror function to put make-up etc. on

By supplementing with MagniLink S Docking station, it becomes even easier to use MagniLink S as a video magnifier. MagniLink S is also very easy to fold and carry - on the trip, to school, to work, or anywhere!

Further information

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