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Software launch – SuperNova 16 from Dolphin

Super Nova 16 contains a variety of new and innovative features designed for people with low vision:

New Dolphin Pen
SuperNova 16 on a Dolphin Pen introduces a new ‘Guest mode’ that needs no installation, but instantly delivers magnification, colours, highlights, speech, Braille & more on the go!

New Control Panel
The updated SuperNova control panel magnifies beautifully with no pixilation, so it’s always perfectly crisp and easy on the eye.

New ‘Media’ tab
SuperNova’s updated buttons always remain crystal clear and perfectly crisp, no matter how large you magnify. 

The Media tab includes:

  • Scan & Read – Scan and hear documents read aloud.
  • Books – Read books and newspapers with direct access to a number of libraries.
  • News – Read the latest news headlines from your favourite source with hundreds to choose from.
  • Radio – Play your preferred radio station or find a new favourite.
  • Podcasts – Listen to your podcasts, hassle free.

SuperNova Enterprise
Provides support for remote access environments running Citrix and Remote Desktop Services. Support people with any level of visual impairment right across the organisation with one installation. Dolphin licence the user, not the machine, so you can deploy SuperNova wherever needed in the most efficient way. 

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Download of demo version >>