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SuperNova 16.03 is here

A new update of SuperNova (version 16.03) is now available. The update can be installed automatically through the Update Wizard.

Note! If you are using Windows 10 it is important to update to SuperNova version 16.03. On the 11th of April Microsoft will update Windows 10 to “Creators edition” and version 16.03 is then needed for compatibility.

For users still using Supernova version 15 there is also an update available (version 15.6) for compatibility with Windows 10 Creators edition. This is the last free of charge update of Supernova version 15.

Some of the news in SuperNova 16.03:

Bug fix:  Microsoft Office stability improvements including performance enhancements to Office 2016

New: Added support for Baum Vario 340 Braille Display into the Vario Ultra driver

New: Added new driver for Vocaliser Expressive version 2 voices

Bug Fix: Updated Eurobraille driver for ESys displays

New: Support for Windows 10 Creators Edition Update

New: v16 Product language support for Arabic and Portuguese added

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