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SuperNova v13 released


SuperNova version 13 is now released and available in 15 languages. The completely re-engineered web support in SuperNova version 13 substantially reduces the time taken for a blind person to browse busy web sites. Additional keystrokes instantly navigate to particular parts of web pages. SuperNova version 13 also implements initial support for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) a set of web authoring techniques being developed by the international Web Accessibility Initiative. 

The release also features new meaningful speech announcements in office applications, advising when the cursor is at the start or end of documents, when leaving lists, or which text styles are being applied to email or spread sheets. 

Read more about SuperNova 13 here >> 

If you are intrerested in buying the SuperNova 13, please send an e-mail to order@lvi.se and we will get back to you.