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The All new MagniLink S is here


Engineered with the latest technology, including ultra fast USB 3, the MagniLink S delivers stunning OCR performance with a synchronized, crystal clear image. It's simply an amazing combination of easy-to-use, high technology in a modern, portable magnification system. 



The MagniLInk S modular design with lots of smart accessories provides options for every user - the MagniLink S will fit the needs for the users, regardless if it will be used at home, school, work - or wherever you go! It is available in the following models:

# MagniLink S Monitor (connect directly to a monitor) 
# MagniLink S Computer (connect to PC- or Mac) 
# MagniLink S Computer/Monitor (connect to computer or/and monitor)
# MagniLink S TTS (same as above, but also comes with OCR-functionality that reads text aloud)  

MagniLink S is delivered with a two-in-one carrying case that ha ample room for the unit, a 15,4" laptop and accessories. The removable inner case can be used separately or easily stuffed in a backpack.

A brilliant dockingstation is one of the exciting accessories. Plug in the MagniLInk S into the docking station and you are instantly connected. 

Learn more about MagniLink S as well as all the clever features and accessories here >>