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Turn your PC into a reading machine with MagniLink Read!


MagniLink Read is a software from LVI Low Vision International which turns your PC into a reading machine! By scanning a text or opening a saved document, MagniLink Read gives you fast and easy access to get the text read out loud by the included high quality voices from Nuance®. MagniLink Read contains the latest OCR-technique and functions that improves your reading speed!


MagniLink Read is a price worthy OCR-based program with a Text-To-Speech function that reads text out loud directly via your PC. The program can be used together with a variety of scanners and contains the latest OCR-technique. MagniLink comes with high quality voices from Nuance ®.

MagniLink Read is easy to use and has shortcuts which give you quick and easy access to get texts read out loud.


You choose your own settings for the short keys and during reading you can highlight words, change the magnification, create multipage documents, get a single word spoken or spelled, and use the picture mode with positive and negative color settings - everything to simplify your reading and improve your reading speed.


MagniLink Read is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. 


A free 30 days trial version is available to download here >> 

Contact your local sales representative or info@lvi.se if you prefer to receive the trial version on DVD instead.