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Unique school solutions with Full HD

MagniLink Vision Split

MagniLink Vision Split is perfect for visually impaired students who need an ergonomic, high quality system for long days in school. The system can split the screen between reading camera, distance camera and computer. The distance camera can be placed on a desk (A), in the ceiling (B) or on the wall. 

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MagniLink Pro

The design makes it easy to fold and move MagniLink Pro to another classroom and it's possible to add a battery for even more flexibility. The system offers high working height, which means that even large books and file folders will fit under the camera. It's possible to connect MagniLink Pro to a laptop, monitor or smartboard e.g.

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MagniLink S

MagniLink S is a very popular video magnifier because of it's portablity. When the school day is over, it's just to bring the system together with the laptop in the bag and go home! MagniLink S can also be combined with a distance camera, large screen, and X/Y table, for an ergonomic workplace in school.

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