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ZoomText 11 – will be released shortly!

Ai Squared has now announced that the new version ZoomText 11.0 will be released early next year. Those who order the ZoomText Magnifier or Magnifier/Reader will already now get a serial number that can activate both the current version 10.1 and the upcoming version 11.0.

What's new in ZoomText 11.0

Below we present some of the news in ZoomText 11.0:

New modern toolbar. ZoomText has a brand new toolbar in a new layout with less buttons and menus that makes it easy to learn and very fast and intuitive to use. You can manage the whole toolbar with shortcut keys on the keyboard or on the mouse.

New App reader. The automatic reading is now more efficient and flexible by combining all ZoomText's reading tools in a new and improved App reader. With the new App reader, you can read in the programs or in a text, and switch between views directly, without pause and without losing orientation.

New search tool. The new search tool quickly locates what you are looking for in different documents, web pages and e-mails. You can search for words and phrases throughout your text, or in certain elements, such as headings, forms, links and pictures in a more efficient way.

New function for image smoothing. ZoomText smoothens the edges of the text (and images) where xFont smoothing/enhancement is not available. Now your PDF documents look better than ever before.

New smart inverting function. View photos as they were meant to be seen. When using ZoomText's new smart inverting function, images are displayed in their natural colors, even when ZoomText inverts the screen brightness or color. This feature is only available in Internet Explorer 11. Support for other browsers will soon be available.

New command shortcuts. ZoomText 11 has a completely new system of keyboard shortcuts that are easier to learn and use. With the new command keys, we avoid the well-known problems with application compatibility that existed in previous versions of ZoomText. You can be totally calm, the transition to the new command keys is quick and easy.

Improved ZoomText/JAWS compatibility. ZoomText and JAWS ® 11 18 are now officially compatible, which gives you the best combination of screen reading and magnification. You'll notice that the two programs are now working together without any problems with neither the magnification nor the speech.

New opportunities with 1 x ZOOM. With the new feature 1 x Zoom, you can switch between the display and zoom 1 x magnification, without needing to zoom out magnifications or deactivate ZoomText Magnification. All your ZoomText features remain active, and you can work completely normal in 1 x display.

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