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Max Borglowe - our newest employee

We are happy to announce that we have now hired Max Borglowe to our Head Quarter in Växjö, Sweden. We have had the privilege of getting to know Max for a few years as he has worked as a summer intern and also performed his degree project at LVI. Therefore, we already know that Max is a very nice, talented and enthusiastic young man who is easy to get along with. As usual, we ask some questions to our new employees:


Who is Max Borglowe?

I am a soon to graduate electrical engineer and I am 27 years old. After spending a total of 5 years in Stockholm and Lund for work and studies, I have now moved back home to the lovely city of Växjö, where I live with my wife and our newborn daughter. Through music studies in Stockholm, I found my calling in electrical engineering and then began my education as an engineer at Lund University. As I ended up as a summer intern in LVI's production department during my studies, I also got my eyes open for their development department. This became a path to writing my degree project at the company, which in turn led to a job as an electrical engineer at LVI - a real dream job for me!


Describe yourself with three words

Enthusiastic, persistent, creative


Describe your interests

I spend my free time with family and friends, as well as doing my own electronics projects, digital art and music in various forms.Now and then new topics, such as hunting, are added to my list of interests, but the previously mentioned are the ones that influences everyday life.


Is there a hidden talent?

I make 3D art in computer programs, and write and produce my own music.


A warm welcome to Max! We hope you will enjoy your new position at LVI as much as we enjoy having you onboard!