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ZoomText 2018 is available!

Now the new version of ZoomText 2018 is available! ZoomText is a powerful computer access solution that allows low vision computer users to see, hear and use everything on the computer screen. ZoomText 2018 is available in two product versions: 


  • ZoomText Magnifier enlarges everything on your computer screen.
  • ZoomText Magnifier/Reader combines magnification and support for speech synthesis.


ZoomText 2018 includes the following new features:

  • New Vocalizer Expressive Voices. All versions of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader now include Vocalizer Expressive voices, providing voices for the most commonly spoken languages and dialects from around the world. When you install ZoomText, one male and/or female voice matching the language of your Windows operating system is automatically installed. Additional voices can be added at any time by selecting Download More Voices in ZoomText’s Voice Settings dialog box.
  • New 4-Monitor Support. ZoomText can now be used with systems running up to 4 monitors and desktops. ZoomText’s innovative multiple monitor support allows you to view different applications on each monitor or different views of the same application on each monitor. The Lens zoom window is also now available when running with multiple monitors.
  • Enhanced Microsoft Edge support. ZoomText improves support for viewing and reading websites in Microsoft Edge.
  • New ZoomText Setup Program. ZoomText has a new streamlined setup program that makes the installation of ZoomText faster and easier to complete.
  • New Lifetime Serial Number. ZoomText product activation is now performed using Freedom Scientific’s Internet License Manager, also known as “ILM”. With the ILM, ZoomText owners now receive a lifetime ZoomText serial number that persists when purchasing future ZoomText upgrades and other Freedom Scientific software products. No longer do users need to enter a new serial number for each upgrade.
  • New ZoomText Startup Wizard. The new ZoomText Startup Wizard makes it easier for users to choose how ZoomText starts up. The Startup Wizard appears automatically right after you activate ZoomText, but you can always run the startup wizard at any time from the ZoomText > Preferences menu.
  • Improved Performance for All. A wide range of Improvements in ZoomText’s foundation has provided major improvements in performance and compatibility with Windows, Office, Adobe Reader and many other mainstream and specialized applications.
  • Standard Caps Lock change. When using ZoomText, you can change Caps Lock on or off by usually pressing the key. Note: This change removes the double pressure required in ZoomText 11.


Another news is that the USB model disappears completely and is replaced with Dongle in the same way that Jaw's has. You have the license on Dongle and no ILM code.


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